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Athletic. Strong. Lean.

As a certified coach, I use an individualized approach for each client.

What a typical program might look like:



A good warm-up sets the foundation for a great training session. It can improve tissue quality, set position with breathing, address mobility issues, activate or inhibit specific muscles, ingrain good movement patterns, and warm up tendons and ligaments.  




Maximize power by using medicine balls and Olympic lift variations, depending on the time of year and the individual. Work to maintain or enhance speed and agility as well.  



Resistance training is used to increase strength, pack on lean muscle mass, strengthen tendons and ligaments, and maximize power.  



When people hear "conditioning", they always seem to think of running long, sluggish miles or constantly crushing themselves with high intensity workouts. I take a much different approach to this commonly misunderstood topic.  


Immediately heading out the door after a training session won't allow you to get the most out of your body. Overall recovery is one of the most overlooked components to training programs. Learn how to flip your autonomic nervous system from a sympathetic fight or flight mode to a parasympathetic rest, digest, and recover so you can bounce back quicker and be ready for your next session. 



This sets the foundation for success. Individualized nutrition and supplement advice maximizes the hard work in the gym.

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