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Exercise of the Week

Hi everyone, 

This week’s exercise of the week is the cable pull through. The cable pull through is a great hip dominant posterior chain exercise. It can be a good exercise to teach proper hinging mechanics for a newbie lifter and can be loaded up and trained hard for the more experienced lifter. 

Cable Pull Through:

Cable Pull Through Execution:

-Set up with your feet shoulder width apart to slightly wider than shoulder width apart, about a foot out in front of the rope, and facing away from the cable stack.  

-Pick up the rope and walk out two to three steps.

-To begin the lift, hinge at the hips and let the hands and rope go back between the legs as far as you can until you can’t go any further without letting the chest drop and lower back round.

-At this point you should have the hips, glutes, hamstrings, and calves loaded and ready to pull the rope back through. Leaving the arms straight and letting the posterior chain do all the work, explode up and back to the standing position making sure you finish with the glutes. 

Common Faults: 

-Lack of posterior weight shift

-Letting the chest drop and lower back round

-Not keeping the arms straight, but instead bending the arms and trying to move the weight with them

-Not keeping the chin down and in line with with the spine

-Not finishing the lift at the top by getting the hips through 


Whether you are a newbie looking for an effective way to groove the hinge pattern or someone more experienced looking to add some variety to your training, give this exercise a shot and let me know what you think. 

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