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Week in Review

Push-ups are great and one of my favorite exercises, but are often neglected in our bench press dominant world. Some people think push-ups become to easy, but this is largely due to a lack of understanding progression. Some other variations not covered in the post include one leg push-up (toe just off the ground), close-grip push-up, plate loaded push-up (weight plate on upper back). Could take close-grip and plate loaded to one leg as well. All of the above take minimal equipment and are easily trained at whatever gym you might train at.

Use it or lose it, sister! Sorry, had to throw in a dumb and dumber reference in here. Not an exact reference, but it’s what came to mind when I hear use it or lose it. The actual reference is move it or lose it, sister! If you didn’t know that then drop what you’re doing (after you read this newsletter of course) and watch dumb and dumber. All jokes aside, the point remains true. No matter the quality, if you don’t use it, you will lose it.

No gym, no problem. I was able to make this playground work for me on vacation. Currently using an upper lower split (one of my favorite splits) and was hoping to get an upper body and lower body workout in this week. Unfortunately was only able to get upper body day in because that’s all the hectic vacation schedule would allow. As much walking as we did it was probably for the better. Here’s what the resistance training portion of the workout looked like. Pairings and all…

A1) Feet Elevated Close-grip Push-up: 3x12-13, 9-12, 6-9 Tempo: 311

A2) Adductor Side Plank: 3x20-30s

B1) Jack-knife Push-up: 3x12-13, 9-12, 6-9

B2) Thick Grip Pull-up: 3x12-13, 9-12, 6-9

C1) Pronated Grip Inverted Row: 3x12-13, 9-12, 6-9

C2) Front Plank Arm March: 3x10 (not shown)

Wasn’t a bad session at all and without a lick of equipment.

Bilateral exercises get all the love, but split-stance/single leg is just as important. An argument could be made that it’s more important, a topic I’m sure all discuss more on in the future.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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