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Week in Review

Week in Review on

Nutrition as Punishment 

This mindset sounds a lot like someone might be punishing themselves for something they ate. Remember, it’s just food. It will be hard to make long term progress by viewing nutrition as doing good or doing bad. It’s common to hear yo yo dieters use this type of verbiage. 

Reactive Agility Training by Yourself

Agility training eventually needs a reaction component to it. This can present a big challenge when you do a lot of training by yourself like I do. Here is one way of getting some of that type of work in.


Free Play For Young Kids 

In this case, this happened after the organized training, but sometimes kids either aren’t feeling it on a particular day or just can’t focus. Something like this is a good way to still get some things done in a fun manner. 


Different Mindset 

I can almost bet somebody at some point hasn’t achieved something they were capable of because they were discouraged by something somebody said. The only way to never have any doubters is to do nothing and be nothing. 


Lower Body Training Snippets 

You can’t maximize conditioning and strength at the same time. When volume is high with one, it has to go down with the other. I’m just coming off a stint where I had to maximize conditioning. Here are some snippets of me adding more lower body resistance training back in for a while. 


Thanks for reading and have a great week. 


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