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Week In Review

Week in Review on

Here’s a list of some of the most overlooked things sprinting can help us with:

-Build muscle: Builds more type II muscle fibers which we know can increase muscle mass.

-Develop power/speed: This one should be fairly obvious, but it often isn’t. The amount of team sport athletes I see never sprinting tells me otherwise.

-Improve athleticism: There’s not too many things more athletic than opening it up to sprint.

-Improve core strength: When we sprint, the entire core musculature has fight to limit unwanted movement at the spine (extension, rotation, lateral flexion). This is also why it’s important to train the core in a functional way to resist these movements and carry over to more athletic activities.

Shoulders have so much available range of motion that we need to enhance the ability to dynamically stabilize. This is especially important for people who are loser jointed (hypermobile).

These days we spend more time trying to find what the best diet is, but there isn’t necessarily a best diet. The best diet is the one that fits your lifestyle and you can stick to for a lifetime.

One reason I really like TRX rows is because they are so easy to progress and regress. By sliding the feet up or down we can make it easier or harder and if you need something to challenge you more then elevate the feet like we did above.

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