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Week in Review

Week in review on

For me training is about trying to keep the body at the peak of its capabilities. Asking questions like why we are doing certain exercises, is this exercise a good fit for me, am I doing too much, am I doing enough, what am I trying to achieve with this phase of my training, etc. Nothing is ever perfect, but always be evaluating your training. Make sure you’re not only working hard, but that you’re also working smart and pushing yourself toward longevity.

Thursday I had an 11 o’clock slot where 3 of my guys all came in at the same time. A gym full of athletes all looking to get better was good to see. We need more of that.

This is something I’ve seen or heard about a million times: Somebody goes on a diet that’s not right for their lifestyle and they can’t maintain it. Frustration sets in, they throw their hands up in the air, and binge on everything in sight. This usually leads to putting back on all the weight they may have just lost, possibly more. A few more weeks go by and they start the cycle all over again. Don’t get me wrong, the intentions are good, but the execution and strategy is poor. This person would likely benefit from a habit based approach and guidance from a professional with nutrition and training. It’s a lot easier when somebody takes some guess work out of it and makes the path clearer. Sometimes you wish more people would ask for help about eating well, training right, and getting healthy.

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