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Week In Review

Week in review on

In the training realm, it’s very common to see folks become too reliant on outcomes. Which is not always a bad thing, because obviously we want good outcomes with our training, but they underestimate the amount of work and time it’s going to take to get the outcomes they are looking for. This is so common with fat loss clients. Change takes time and big change takes even more time. Enjoy the process and keep the focus on the next right thing rather than getting thrown off the wagon every time the outcomes aren’t exactly where you think they should be.

It seems when somebody wants to build muscle they think they have to do every exercise in the gym. Every type of fly and curl variation known to man, etc. In a nutshell, they usually end up isolation exercising themselves to death. Natural lifters will rarely get the desired results training this way and I know for a fact hard gainers won’t. Train the foundational movement patterns just like everybody else (hinge, squat, lunge/split-stance, push, pull, carry, locomotion), get nutrition in order, prioritize progressive overload, and be strategic with isolation work.

Give this drill a shot and see how you stack up.

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