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Week in Review

Week in Review on

This kid has made some big strides this summer. His consistency with showing up and working hard once he’s in the gym is really paying off. It’s not uncommon to run into kids that think one month worth of training is going to get them where they want to be, when in reality it’s called long term athletic development for a reason, where consistency over time produces results.

This ranks up there with one of my biggest pet peeves in the weight room. Athletes training single body parts the entire time they are in the gym. Usually in the form of cable flyes, 100 different arm curl variations, and different isolation shoulder exercises. Athletes need to train the fundamental movement patterns over and over again, working to perfect them so they can ultimately move better, get more resilient, get better carry over, and an increase in performance. Don’t get me wrong, isolation work has it’s place for certain people at certain times, but it can quickly get out of hand in most commercial gyms and unfortunately usually does.

Progressive overload in terms of adding weight to lifts plays a big role and is important for progress, but what happens when we’ve trained for a long time and built an appreciable amount of strength? Continuing to try and build more strength day in and day out is eventually going to beat us up (especially if we aren’t phasing strength blocks in and out of programs), so we have to make things challenging in other ways. Whether that’s changing up the rep ranges, the tempo of the lift, the placement of the implement, challenging the body in different positions, etc. Learning to use periodization and building programs in this way will help to keep us feeling better and being more consistent, which is ultimately what is going to get us the results we’re looking for anyway.

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