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Week in Review

Week in review on

In order for training adaptions to be good, we need to understand that how we apply stress in training matters as well. This is one reason why technique matters so much. It’s not to say there’s one exact way for every person to do every exercise (people come in different shapes and sizes), but we must understand that how we apply stress to the body matters for joint stress and longevity. Bad reps add up over time. Using the squat as an example, you can let your knees cave in, your feet go flat, and your low back round underneath you, but just know that there is more negative joint stress being applied to the body than when we don’t allow it to compensate. Keeping joints stacked and centered like I’ve talked about in the past allow stress to be spread out evenly across multiple joints, and all the benefits of weight training to be maximized.

I think one of the most common things forgotten in training programs is that we need some baseline level of athleticism to maximize daily life. Just because a primary goal isn’t performance, doesn’t mean that a small part of the program still shouldn’t have performance driven exercises. Depending on the goal, some may need more and some may need less, but this is where the art of writing a program comes into play.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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