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Week in Review

Week in Review on

A movement based approach to training is making sure all foundational human movement patterns are trained (With certain exceptions at times). Hip dominant, knee dominant, horizontal push, vertical push, Horizontal pull, vertical pull. I’ll even add carry and crawl. It’s a lot easier to have balance in programming training this way. If not careful, it’s easy for people to get carried away with the muscles they love, like the chest. This may end up causing double or triple pressing to pulling, and for a lot of people this is about opposite of what we want. It’s also easy to totally forget about a category. For example, it’s not uncommon for people to train lower body, totally forget hip dominant exercises and do 5 knee dominant exercises, or vice Versa. Get things too out of whack and not only are you putting your results at risk, but also your long term orthopedic health.

Strength has a ceiling. It’s not as if you keep getting stronger and stronger you’re going to jump higher and higher, but it sets the foundation for everything else.

My high school ended up taking the volleyball state championship.

Programming is so important. Good programming not only gets the best results, but also the most carry over outside the gym, making a person better, not just tired. Bad programming leads to subpar results and injury at times unfortunately.

I loved the Robert Hunt play on Thursday night. It was as much impressive as it was funny.

Have a great week!

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