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This week in review comes with a heavy heart as my grandfather unexpectedly passed away this morning from a stroke. Obviously someone who means a lot to me and has given me a ton of support in all things I have done throughout the years. That being said, this one is dedicated to him.

This is truly a great multivitamin from a great company that has their heart in the right place to change the supplement industry.

Sometimes starting young kids with body weight is plenty of stimulus to get the training effect you are looking for. Especially with more advanced exercises like a rear foot elevated split squat. Letting them explore their movement capacity and start to build strength without any external load can be huge.

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Some people seem to forget what conditioning can do for your heart. It goes without saying, the heart is pretty important. Sure, you get some work for the heart from lifting weights, but it needs direct work as well.

Upper trap, lower trap, and serratus anterior all work together to upwardly rotate the scapula. Working to maintain balance between all these muscles helps to keep the humeral head centered in the glenoid fossa. Other surrounding muscles like the bigger deltoids and smaller rotator cuff muscles play a role in achieving this congruency as well. Deltoids are more prime movers, whereas the rotator cuff plays a more stabilizing role. With all that being said, the shoulder is a fairly complex joint. We can see how we can sometimes start to run into trouble if we ignore certain aspects of the shoulder.

Have a great week!

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