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Week in Review

Week in Review on

More like three weeks in review, but hey, life happens. If you’re seeing this I hope things are going well for you and I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

Protein bars are back after being out of stock for a while. They’ve also gone through a long new and improved reformulation process. Plenty of high quality protein, nutritious plant based carbs, fibers, fats, and no chemical junk. I can tell you from firsthand experience these taste great. Below is the nutrition labels of the new vs. old formulation.

A snippet from a workout a couple weeks ago.

Not a hard rule, but I do think it can be a smart rule to abide by most of the time, and can go a long way in helping a person stay healthy. One of the biggest arguments against big bilateral lifts is they can beat you up, but training them smart can go a long way in not letting that happen.

Lee Taft hit the nail on the head with this post so I had to share.

The interplay between strength and power is a pretty cool thing and often overlooked. Speed work can sometimes be the secret sauce to breaking through plateaus.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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