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Week in Review

Week in Review on

Cassi has been having awesome training sessions and the results are speaking for themselves. Like so many women, she was a little hesitant to lifting weights, but really enjoys it now.

Training and completely ignoring nutrition usually leads to stalled progress no matter what you do in the gym. Training and completely ignoring what kind of program you’re on usually leads to aches and pains and stalled progress no matter what you do in the gym. Not a perfect analogy, but you get the drift.

We don’t even have a good way of getting an accurate reading on how many calories we’ve burned in a workout. Most things that measure caloric burn are inaccurate. We would need a lab to get an accurate measure and that’s just not practical in a gym setting. Instead of chasing an inaccurate measure we benefit much more by paying attention to performance markers. Is your resting heart rate dropping, are you recovering quicker between bouts of intervals, are you getting stronger, etc.

A lot of factors probably go in to how this exercise feels for a person. Length of the limbs and scapular positioning for an individual to name a couple. If a persons scapula sit more anteriorly tilted they’ll have to work hard to keep the humeral head from dumping forward and beating up on the front side of the shoulder. Longer arms possibly puts more stress on the elbows. I’m a combination of both of those things above, so maybe that plays a factor into why I feel the way I do.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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