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Week in Review

Week in review on

Yoga and Mobility

This sometimes comes down to joint laxity. People who have more ligament laxity are overall better at activities that require mobility and are naturally drawn to them. On average women might be a little more lax than men so this could be why you see a lot of woman drawn to yoga and not as many men (just an observation). Yoga isn’t very masculine either, and we know a lot of dudes struggle with egos in training. This isn’t just a yoga thing either, this is really any activity that is mobility driven. From what I see, the whole mobility craze that is currently in the industry hasn’t caught on with the general population, as people rarely warm up or do any kind of movement prep. Really my post wasn’t just intended for yoga, but really any activity that a tighter jointed person should be doing more of. It doesn’t have to be full blown yoga either, as a good warm-up can have activities to reduce tone, improve movement quality, and improve recovery. I would like to add, that being too lose is really no better than being too tight. Which is why I stated in the post that people can benefit from doing activities that they need no matter what side of the fence they fall on.

1-Leg RDL Exercise Variation

Almost everyone struggles with 1-leg RDL’s (and two leg RDL’s for that matter) so it’s good to have variations in your back pocket that put people in positions to feel what a movement feels like. You can show some people a move over and over, but until you put them in a position to feel it, it won’t matter.

Rotational Power

Rotational power is extremely important for rotational athletes. Heck, it is somewhat important for everybody, as everyday life usually requires some sort of rotation, but you’d be surprised that so few train it.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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