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Week in Review

Week in Review on

Legion Whey+

One of my favorite products. Great tasting, clean, and you get the amount of protein that is listed on the label. I can’t say that for all protein products unfortunately. Love this product and with so many flavors to choose from, I’m confident you will find one you love as well.

Healthy Body Fat

It’s a full time job for a lot of people to have visible abs. There’s nothing wrong with having them, but some people just need to be told that you can still be in great shape and not be totally shredded. Not everybody wants or needs to be a slave to their nutrition.

Danielle Dominating

A nice little push-up variation to move to once a person gets close to doing full blown push-ups, but can’t quite do enough quality reps yet to train the movement. Commonly it’s the anterior core strength that is the limiting factor even more than upper body strength. With the band around the waist, it gives some help to the core demand and allows the person to train the push-up from the floor. If this is you, try this variation and see if you improve.

Frontal plane Hinging

This is a nice little frontal plane hinge exercise. Love the landmine because it can fill the gaps with exercises like this that other pieces of equipment and exercises miss.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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