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Week in Review

Week in review on

I’m a day later than what I usually send these emails, but it’s a holiday so I have an excuse, right? Speaking of the holiday, if you’re reading in the states, I hope you’ve had a good Labor Day weekend.

Half Court Shots

Not sure how exactly how this came about, but had to make a half court shot to finish the workout. Thankfully they were made fairly quickly and we weren’t there all night.

Apple Benefits

Some other things about an apple..

-May support weight loss because it’s high in fiber, and fiber is very satiating

-Gut health because of a kind of fiber called pectin that acts like a good bacteria in your gut

-Quercetin in apples may protect your brain from oxidative stress

Okay, that’s enough about apples. Bottom line is they are a pretty cool fruit that has a whole host of benefits. Eat apples.

Labor Day Supplement Sale

Did I mention it’s a holiday, of course I did, it was my excuse for getting this thing out late. With holidays usually come sales, so here’s your chance to take advantage of this one. If you take supplements and you’ve never tried Legion, you’re missing out on some of the best. Don’t believe me, ask Sale marches on until midnight tonight (9/5). Take advantage and save up to 30%.

Workout Efficiency

As I say often, use less exercises and get more out of the exercises you use. Choosing the right exercises and using good supersets goes a long way in to making this happen. I hear something like the comment in the post fairly often. People typically have a whole slew of exercises that makes a list a mile long. When thinking about programming, try and get as much bang for your buck with fewer exercises.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

P.S. When you’re ready, here’s how I can help.

1. Sign up for training in person or online.

If you’d like to take your training to the next level then lets work together and start setting you up for success. 2. Sign up for nutrition coaching only. Get the time tested nutrition habits to get the nutrition results you are looking for without counting calories. 3. Subscribe to this newsletter to keep getting great content. 4. Better supplements. If you’re tired of navigating through the supplement industry wondering what good supplements actually look like, then you’re in luck, because I’ve got you covered. Use this link ( and coupon code ChadG at checkout to get 20% off for first time customers and double loyalty points for returning customers. For a little holiday fun this week and to reward those who read the newsletter all the way through, I’ll put the first 5 replies to this email into a drawing to win a free Legion Recharge recovery supplement (watermelon flavor). Have to be a subscriber and reply to this email with the word “recharge” for your chance to win. I’ll mail it to the winner absolutely free.

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