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Week in Review

Week in Review on


Med balls can be used to improve movement, train the core, improve power in different planes of motion, but more of a hidden gem is how med ball throws prime the nervous system for performance.


Running Injuries

I’ve talked about my skepticism for running long distance to get in shape in the past, and one of the reasons being is data like this. I can’t always blame running alone though, I think a lack of preparedness and doing too much plays a big part.

Running Injuries

Possible Solutions

This was a great question and hopefully I was able to deliver a great answer. As I said above, I don’t always think some distance running is to blame, but not having or doing the prerequisites mentioned in this post play a big role.

Running Injury Solutions

Article of the Week

This was a great article on the importance of aerobic training, especially if you’re someone who really lacks and aerobic base. Great timing as it kind of fits the theme for this newsletter. It will give you some thoughts on other ways to build the aerobic system besides distance running and explain the importance the aerobic system has on recovery.

Article of the Week

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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