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Week in Review

Week in Review on

Single Leg

Single leg work like this is something everybody should be doing at some point and time. Everybody should have the ability to do something similar to this exercise. This is about as functional as it gets on the non functional to functional continuum. Don’t get it twisted though, more general exercises can be just as important. A blend of both being best for most people.

Not so Obvious Sports

When it comes to sports we are willing to take a lot of risks. Competition is a lot riskier than what training should be. With training being deeply rooted in powerlifting, bodybuilding, and now CrossFit, we tend to forget that these are sports and aren’t always what’s best for health and wellness. It tends to make the person just looking to get started and in better shape feel like these are things they have to do or should be doing. It also makes the young kid (or the adult unfortunately) ego lift the big 3 even if they are not ready for the lifts. Most sports really aren’t that good for the body, so an understanding of the difference between sports and training is paramount. Good training training takes concepts from the things above and blends them into programs to help prepare bodies for sports, and with some luck minimize injuries when it’s time to really push the limits and play sports.

Cameron and Bobby’s Progress

These guys have been working hard and it’s really starting to show. Cameron has been trying to improve his powerlifting numbers and his results have exploded in just 3 months. Pretty impressive barbell bridge on box in this video.

Power Training with Intent

Power training has to be intentional. You can get by with some improvement in other things without focusing, but not explosive work. You’ve got to try and recruit every fast twitch muscle fiber you can to drive improvement.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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