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Week in Review

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Use different strategies to try and minimize the chance of hamstring injuries.

Curl Technique

Curls are easy, but they can be easily butchered as well.

Rowing Technique

Drive the elbow too far back (elbow to the moon) you can start beating up on the front side of the shoulder. If you don’t reach and never allow the scapula to get around the ribcage you can start to mess with the shoulders ability to keep the ball centered in the socket. A good strong row can be an asset to shoulder health, but it can also become a hinderance if it becomes too sloppy.

Recover-ability and Stress Response

Had a little fun with this post because when I learned this concept, I thought to myself, this could not be more true. Doesn’t necessarily mean being lazy, but more about the fact that a lot of athletes just have a way about being able to really tone it down from a autonomic nervous system standpoint when they don’t need it.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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