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Cole hitting a DB Goblet Lateral Step-Up. It doesn’t look like much, but if you perform it correctly it’s not an easy exercise by any means. The ideal box height for this one is around femur parallel to the floor, but with step-ups you can also mess around with box heights as progression/regressions along with weight and implement.

This was an awesome accomplishment for Lake. A big part (not the only part) in getting faster, more agile, or improving vertical jump is closing the gap between your body weight and your strength (strength to weight ratio). In most cases it’s going to be tough to get better at any of the things above if you’re carrying around extra body weight that you can’t handle efficiently. Lake has been working hard to close this gap and this video shows it paying off.

The Slideboard! Not only does it accomplish all the things stated in the video caption, but there’s also an array of other exercises you can do with it. It’s an extremely valuable tool.

Runners and injuries: Not trying to poo poo on running, but it’s very common to see people that haven’t done anything in a long time pick up running and start pounding the pavement for miles and miles. I don’t necessarily think it’s the running per se, but more the lack of preparedness for the joints and soft tissues of those joints. You combine that with some added body weight that a person might have put on since being inactive and you have a recipe for being a statistic. There are so many other ways to get the training benefits that running long distances give us.

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