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Week in Review

Week in Review on

Hurdle Jump to 1-Leg Landing

A good drill to eventually get to in your landing progressions. This is definitely not an easy one, so don’t rush getting here, but it will help to solidify your ability to come down from a jump and catch a good landing on one leg.

Carla’s Progress

Almost everybody struggles with the RDL initially. Getting a wall behind someone to give a target to aim for with the hips can really help to lock in the movement. Soft knees and then all hips back toward the wall. I think Carla started with 20’s and has worked her way up to 40’s.

Don’t Forget Lateral Strength

Especially for basketball players. The trick to this sled drag is getting the weight right. You want the weight as heavy as possible, but the movement still looking like a shuffle. Heavier sled in phase 1 and 2, and we will probably move to a speed drag for phase 3. Lighten the load and move it fast, maybe a post for another day.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

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