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Week in Review

Week in Review on

March Your Way to Core Strength

Here is a challenging anti-lateral flexion core exercise. Master the basic carries first, then add some variety with marches.

One of the Most Common Deadlift Mistakes

Another thing that can help eliminate this mistake is thinking about pulling your hips down and toward the bar. Then holding that position and driving your feet into the floor until you stand up.

Core Crusher

You’ll feel this one deep in your soul, I mean core. Well, maybe your soul too if you do enough of them. In all seriousness, keep in mind the ab wheel is advanced in and of itself, so work your way up before even attempting this one. If you’ve been doing the ab wheel for a while and need some variety, this one is for you.

Huge Spring Supplement Sale

Didn’t post anything about it this week, but I’ll go ahead and do it here first. There’s a massive spring supplement sale going on right now, 12 days long in fact. Click the link below and take a look at the number 1 brand of all natural sports supplements in the world, and do so at a discounted price.

Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it. If you have any questions let me know.

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