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Week in Review

Week in Review on

70 Pound Dumbbell Bench Press

Lake said he was ready to get the 70’s out and I didn’t argue. His previous set with 65’s were handled really well. This was the most he’s ever pressed.

Lake on a Different Part of the Continuum

This time Lake is working at the absolute speed end of the absolute strength to absolute speed continuum.

Highest Box Physically Possible? Not so Fast

In no way am I saying we should always use the lowest box possible, but some of the wild box jumps you see are usually for more views than they are necessary. Add in the increased risk of injury/accident and the fact there’s really no added benefit, might as well just use the highest box possible that you can land well with.

Biasing More Single Leg

Definitely not true single leg work and these definitely shouldn’t replace it, but a good way to load heavier on some closer to single leg type movements. These asymmetrical stances can go a long way to helping us outside of the gym in life and sport. We spend a ton of our movement lives in single leg and asymmetrical/transitional stances, so biasing more more of these types of stances when we can probably isn’t a bad idea.

Buy One Get One 50% Off

Buy one Legion Whey+ protein and get another one 50% off. This deal is only live for a couple more hours, so act fast if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading and have a great week. If you have any training questions be sure to let me know.

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