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Week in Review

Week in Review on

Jackson on the Trap Bar

Sometimes with kids you have to wait for not only the movement competency, but also the focus before trying certain exercises. Here is Jackson locking in on the trap bar for the first time.

Challenging the Bird Dog

Usually takes quite a while for a correctly done bird dog to get to easy. The basic variations are challenging for a long time, especially for longer limbed people like yours truly. But if you need a little more spice, slightly elevate the knees. I can guarantee that does the trick.

Eliminating Entire Macronutrients

We know carbs are the bodies preferred energy source and fats are important for hormones, cushioning joints, absorbing certain vitamins, etc. Sometimes I wonder what the long term effects are of aggressively eliminating an entire macronutrient.

Thanks for reading and I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.

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