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Cleanses and detoxes seem to be all the rage at times, but our bodies are designed to cleanse themselves for the most part. The liver and kidneys are more than capable of taking care of the job. Most the people selling these things aren’t qualified to be doing so anyway, so save your hard earned money for things that can make a more profound impact on your health and well being.

The importance of enhancing or maintaining power can’t be stated enough. This is something you rarely see the average gym goer working on. Considering we lose power at a significantly faster rate than we do strength as we age, I think it’s fairly important to start getting some of this stuff into programs. Any activity where a person moves faster than they normally would can produce a power training effect, so don’t think you have to start with the most advanced plyometric drill in the gym. In fact, I don’t recommend you do. Just like all other exercises can be progressed and regressed, power training drills are no different. As you get in better shape and become a more proficient mover you can begin to advance these exercises.

I think a lot of times when we think about stress, we think the body has the ability to distinguish between mental and physical stress, but the reality of it is, it doesn’t. Stress is stress to the body, rather that’s in the form of mental stress (bad stress) or physical stress (good stress). Keeping this concept in mind, its important we adjust our training loads during times of high mental stress to avoid burnout and overtraining. You’ll have better outcomes working with your body and not against it.

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